Laura Ketting graduated as a graphic designer. She uses this graphic knowledge to create unique artworks based on letterforms. Laura lives and works in Rotterdam. She sees the city as a great source of inspiration and is always looking for shapes that remind her of letters, to incorporate them back into her work.

Letters form the words that communicate a message. In Laura’s work, letters are more than just a means of communication. The letters themselves create an image, where she finds conveying an experience more important than conveying a message. This approach changes the way you look at letters and brings your own imagination to life.

With Laura’s background in graphic design, she has always had a fascination with letters, focusing particularly on their form through high contrast and the use of only black and white. In her work, she combines the graphic with the abstract nature of letters, creating images and patterns to get lost in.

Laura has an experimental way of working, where the process is just as important as the end product. During the process, unexpected things can happen that make you see the work differently, leading to surprising outcomes.

“By making you will see By seeing you will make”